Company Programs

Celebrating Driver achievements

Wilson Logistics offers several programs and incentives to celebrate driver accomplishments. When one person succeeds, our company succeeds. At Wilson, you’ll find opportunities to grow, increase your earnings, and become a leader.


Driver Incentives & Recognition

Your dedication deserves recognition. We see your accomplishments. We appreciate your commitment to safety and professionalism. See how we give back to our drivers. Explore our driver programs below.

Longevity Bonus

Get Rewarded For Your Time

Our drivers earn a longevity bonus every five years. No matter what. When you hit your fifth anniversary, you automatically earn $10,000, and you continue to earn after that. Drivers deserve to be recognized for their dedication and time. You can look forward to a bonus at five years, 10 years, and beyond.

$10,000 every five years.

Military & Veterans

Support For Our Bravest Drivers

Military and veteran drivers deserve our deepest gratitude. We thank them for their service and recognize their sacrifices. Veteran drivers bring their expertise to the industry. We help veteran drivers succeed as they transition into commercial trucking careers.

An Annual "Thank You"

Truck Driver Appreciation Week

We participate in the American Trucking Association’s week-long celebration for truck drivers every year. Wilson Logistics is grateful for our drivers and the essential role they play in our company and our country. In the past, we’ve celebrated by offering free meals at our terminals, fun swag giveaways, and raffles.

Start Your Career in Trucking

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