Driver Trainers

Help Others Start New Careers

Shape Future Drivers & Increase Your Earnings

Teach the next generation of drivers. Use your passion for trucking to help others pursue new careers. Our CDL training program gives you the chance to teach and get rewarded when your trainees succeed. Work with permit holders as they prep for the Class A CDL test or team drive with apprentices.

•Double—or even triple—your income.
•Feel proud when your apprentices succeed.
•Challenge yourself with a new role.

How to Become a Driver Trainer

Start Your Teaching Experience

Talk to our team if you’re interested in becoming a CDL instructor or trainer. Experienced Wilson drivers with no recent violations are eligible to train new drivers in our program.

CDL Instructor

Train permit drivers before they earn their CDLs.

Driver Trainer

Team driver with a new CDL holder for 30,000 miles.

Do Both!

Take apprentices through the entire training program.

Driver Trainer Pay

Explore a CDL Trainer’s Earning Potential

Make more money when you train someone else! Boost your paycheck and pass on your experience. You can double or triple your income as a CDL instructor or trainer. Who wouldn’t want that?

You’ll get rewards as you run team and help your trainees make it to their first dispatch. Get paid more to make a difference in someone’s life.

You can earn $75,000 - $160,000 per year.

Seat Upgrade Incentives

Take your apprentice to an A Seat. How much you can earn is based on the seat upgrade and your apprentice’s next steps.

• C Seat to A Seat and co-driver becomes lease operator = $1,000
• C Seat to A Seat and co-driver becomes company driver = $800
• B2 Seat to A Seat = $400
• B1 Seat to A Seat = $250

D Seat Completion Bonus

CDL instructors earn a bonus when an apprentice passes the CDL test. Get $875 when they pass on the first try, $500 on the second attempt, and $250 on the third.

Team Training Bonus

Earn a bonus for sticking together. If a trainee upgrades to an A Seat and remains on your truck to run team, you both earn $200 a month for up to 12 months.

One-Year Incentive

Receive a $2,000 bonus if your apprentice drives for one year with no accidents and a minimum of 95% on-time deliveries. Only instructors that take a driver from a D Seat to an A Seat are eligible.

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You can earn $75,000 - $160,000 per year.

What Is Training Others Like?

Expectations For CDL Trainers

As a CDL instructor or trainer, you help trainees learn to drive safely and gain real-world experience. Throughout our CDL training program, you’ll show apprentices how to operate equipment, plan routes, manage e-logs, scale loads, and perform inspections.

Training Timeframe

Trainee onboarding is one week. CDL permit training lasts three weeks, and CDL team driving takes about three months.

Support & Mentorship

You will support another driver during permit or team training. While you teach them fundamentals, you will also help them adjust to this lifestyle.

CDL Team Driving

When you run team with a recent CDL holder, you share your truck with someone else. It’s important to discuss expectations before heading out.

Keep an Open Mind

Trainers at Wilson Logistics must be open to teaching and team driving with both men and women. Everyone has equal opportunity here.

Explore Your Career Options

Is Being A CDL Trainer The Right Fit For You?

Working closely with inexperienced drivers isn’t for everyone. CDL trainers set expectations for apprentices that influence their careers. You must be able to provide constructive criticism and accept it from others. If you love teaching and desire safer roads, becoming a driver trainer is for you!

• You put safety first at all times.
• You are patient and open.
• You can adapt to different learning styles.
• You get along with most personalities.

Driver Testimonial

“I care that drivers have a good place to earn money and see their families.”

- Kari Huisman
Is Training Others Your Goal?

Explore Your Career Options. Start your trucking career or pursue a role as CDL instructor.