Pet Policy

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Bring Your Four-Legged Co-Pilot

Being on the road can get lonely. With a pet, you’ll always have someone by your side. Our friendly pet policy lets you have up to two pets of any breed or size on board. Don’t pay hundreds to have your best friend with you. Bring them for free, and be sure to say “hi” when you visit our terminals.

•Only for OTR and regional drivers
•No size or breed restrictions
•Up to two pets allowed on board
•No deposits or hidden fees

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The Top Pet Policy in the Industry

We have the best pet policy in trucking. And we aren’t just saying that. See how our policy stacks up against competitors.

Wilson Logistics Other Companies
No Deposit or Fees
$300-$1,000 Non-Refundable Deposit
No Size or Weight Limit
50-60 lb. Weight Limit
No Breed Restrictions
No "Aggressive" Breeds
Two Pets Allowed
One or None Allowed
  • No Deposit or Fees
  • No Size or Weight Limit
  • No Breed Restrictions
  • Two Pets Allowed
  • $300 – 1,000 Non-Refundable Deposit
  • 50-60lb. Weight Limit
  • No “Aggressive” Breeds
  • One or None Allowed
Good for you, Good for Your Pet

Benefits of Taking Your Pet on the Road

Driver happiness is the biggest benefit of having on-the-road pets. When you spend time with your pets, your truck feels more like home, and you’re no longer alone. Enjoy the drive with your best friend at your side.

Reduce Stress

Being around animals benefits your health. Researchers have linked pets to decreased blood pressure, cholesterol, and cortisol levels. Having a companion also helps reduce feelings of loneliness and anxiety.

Get More Exercise

Your pet needs to get out and play. Pets encourage you to exercise and meet new people. Everyone loves a cute animal! When you travel with a pet, their presence will be a conversation starter at every truck stop.

Promote Safety

Many truckers report being more conscientious drivers when they have a pet on board. Attentive driving protects you, your pet, and other motorists. Pets can also help drivers feel safe traveling and parking for the night.

Pet-Friendly Travel

How to Drive Safely With Pets in Tow

When pets are in your truck, you need to take safety precautions to prevent pet-related distractions and accidents. Follow these tips to pet-proof your truck and ensure you always have the travel items you need for your pets.

  • Block off access to the driver area while on the road.
  • Keep food, trash, medicine, and valuables tucked safely out of reach.
  • Carry vaccination records with you and maintain regular veterinarian visits.
  • Keep a spare collar, leash, and ID tag in your truck.
  • Buy a crate or safety harness to give your pet added security.
  • Clean your truck frequently to avoid odors and stains.
Official Pet Policy

Get The Details On Driving With A Pet

  1. Pets must have and maintain regular health care to include required vaccinations and those recommended by a veterinarian.
  2. The company allows pets inside and outside company buildings; however, the pet must be on a leash or in a cage. The company does not allow pets in shops or inside the equipment when maintenance work is being performed.
  3. Compliance and acknowledgment of customers’ rules regarding pets on their facilities will be the responsibility of the drivers.
  4. Abusing the pet, leaving the pet inside any vehicle that is too warm or cold, or failing to provide food and water for the pet will result in the loss of pet privileges.
  5. Drivers are responsible for the behaviors and actions of pet(s). Drivers will be held accountable for any attacks or injuries caused by their pet.
  6. The maximum number of pets allowed on the truck is two.
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