| July 25, 2022

What Is Lease Purchase Trucking and How Does It Work?

So, you’ve got some driving experience and you’re dreaming of owning your own semi truck.

But how will you afford it?

That’s where lease purchase trucking comes in. Lease purchase lets you get behind the wheel of a new semi truck with the option of owning it at the end of the lease. It’s also a chance to boost your earnings and save money on fuel and maintenance while running loads across the country.

At Wilson Logistics, our lease purchase program lets you choose a brand new, state-of-the-art Cascadia or Peterbilt for no money down. Our flexible contract gives you the freedom to choose whether to buy, sell or return your truck at the end of the lease.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Let’s go over some of the basics of lease purchase trucking to help you decide if this is the right option for you.

What Does Lease Purchase Mean?

Lease purchase trucking is a lease-to-own semi truck program that gives you, the driver, the chance to own the truck outright at the end of the lease.

While many trucking companies require a down payment, at Wilson there is no down payment and no credit check. That makes our program more accessible so you can get on the road to ownership faster. You get a choice of high-quality equipment and more freedom to customize the look of your truck than you may have had as a company driver.

The first step to leasing a truck is to find a trucking company, such as Wilson, that offers a favorable lease purchase program. Once you sign your lease, you’ll earn money delivering freight for the company from which you leased the truck. At Wilson, you’ll also enjoy special savings on fuel and maintenance.

How Much Can You Earn?

Lease purchase drivers typically earn more than company drivers and often earn a similar rate as owner operators.

At Wilson, our lease purchase program is designed to be profitable for you, without the hassle of dealing with a third party. You’ll earn 70% of each load you haul, along with 100% of the fuel surcharge. We also pay a lease completion bonus of 3.25 cents per mile for all dispatched miles you run while under the lease. On top of that, you qualify for a $10,000 longevity bonus for every 5 years you remain in the lease purchase program, with no strings attached.

What Kind of Truck Will You Drive?

Wilson’s attractive lease terms allow us to keep new and updated equipment from model years 2019 to 2022 on the lot at all times. When you join our lease purchase program you get a choice of safe, reliable, high-performance trucks from Freightliner or Peterbilt.

Cascadia is the most advanced semi truck ever built by Freightliner. It features a sleek, aerodynamic design that slices through the air to boost fuel efficiency, along with a comfortable cab built with safety and functionality in mind. The Cascadia also comes with a Detroit® Integrated Powertrain and Detroit® Connect suite of interactive vehicle services.

Peterbilt Model 579 offers driver comfort, fuel efficiency and technology. Advanced aerodynamics give you better fuel economy to control your costs. You also get a user-friendly digital dash display, lane keeping assist and PACCAR Powertrain. The driver-friendly interior features a spacious sleeper, ample storage and doubles as a convenient office on wheels.

What Are the Other Benefits of Lease Purchase Trucking?

If you’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit, lease purchase is a great way to take that first step toward owning your own business. It offers an affordable path to truck ownership and is a good option for those looking to become an owner-operator.

At Wilson, we set you up for success with benefits that help you save money and make life on the road more enjoyable. As a Wilson Independent Contractor, you’ll get exclusive access to maintenance and fuel discounts to boost your bottom line. We’ll set up an escrow account to cover tire and maintenance expenses throughout your lease. You can cash out any remaining funds at the end of your lease.

We also offer generous passenger and pet policies so you don’t have to get lonely on the road. Our rider policy allows one rider, age 10 or older and who is not pregnant. Our pet policy lets you bring up to two pets, with no deposit, no weight restriction and no breed restriction.

How Much Does It Cost?

Wilson offers a 395,000 odometer mile lease. Offering a lease period in miles, rather than months, allows you to complete your lease faster by driving more miles. This policy also keeps maintenance costs low. At the end of the lease, most drivers have about one year or 100,000 miles left under warranty.

In addition to our attractive terms, you’ll owe no money down on your lease. There’s no deposit, no credit check and no walkaway penalty if you need to exit the lease early.

Lease purchase a great way to boost your earnings and gain more freedom in your trucking career. It’s also a good option for those wanting to eventually run your own business as an owner operator. If you’re looking for lease purchase opportunities, we’d like to speak with you about joining the Wilson Logistics family. Give us a call at 866-500-8404 or drop us a line at

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